How to enroll?

Visit us

If your're interested you can visit our schools. Feel free to contact us.

Our dedicated staff will make you an appointment.

Interview and tour guide

After you made an appointment you will have the chance for an interview and our staff will share all the details you want to know about the school and curriculum.

After the interview, a tour guide around the campus is planned and you will have the chance to see what we offer.


If you are satisfied and our schools meet your demand, the next step is to apply and deliver necessary documents. You can apply directly in our schools or via the following link:

Find more information about admission at

Frequently asked questions

1. Is an entrance exam for high schools required?

Global Education institutions organize an entrance exam for scholarship for students who are enrolling to our high schools. However, entrance exam itself is not mandatory.

2. Which subjects are included in entrance exam for scholarship?

Our entrance exam for scholarship has following subjects included: B/H/S language, English language, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Logic (IQ), History and Geography.

3. What are the locations of entrance exam?

Entrance exam for scholarship is mainly held in the cities where we have schools: Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica and Bihać. Also if there is high demand, entrance exam is being available at more places. To check if our entrance exam is being held at your nearby place this academic year, please contact us for more infos.

4. What is the date of entrance exam?

Entrance exam for scholarship is usually held every year in April. For this academic year there is no specified date yet, but soon it will be available.

5. When is the appropriate time to visit your schools?

School visits are possible every working day, from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM. If it's an organized visit, please contact us beforehand.

6. Where can I get more information about the schools?

Visit our school websites for more information or call us at 033 944 104.