Our campuses

All of our campuses have been built to create a student friendly environment that affirms the aspirations of our students.

All of our schools have a wide range of excellent equipment and services


Highly equipped classrooms

All our classrooms are installed with computers, smart boards and projectors to enhance the learning experience.

Modern laboratories

Complete with all the latest science equipment required for quality natural science lessons.

Multimedia halls

Each campus has one or more multimedia hall that is used for presentations and performances throughout the year.


For those who love reading, each school has its own library, full of age appropriate books to fuel imagination and a passion for knowledge.


Sports facilities

You will find multi-functional sports halls and outside terrain suitable for a variety of sports on each of our campuses.


We offer a wide variety of healthy eating options across our onsite restaurants and canteens.


For those who live too far to commute, we provide the opportunity to board at some of our campuses.

Common rooms

A relaxing space to meet the needs of our students between their lessons.


The beautiful city of Sarajevo is where our educational journey began. In 1996 we opened the first of our educational facilities, now called Richmond Park College. Over 20 years later, we now have a total of 4 schools in the city, offering education for students from as young as 3 all the way through to 19.

Richmond Park Preschool, Sarajevo
Richmond Park Primary School, Sarajevo
Richmond Park College, Sarajevo
Richmond Park International School, Sarajevo


Situated 70km north of Sarajevo on the Bosna River, Zenica is the fourth-largest city of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Our schools in Zenica educate students from the age of 3 all the way through to 19.

Richmond Park Preschool, Zenica
Richmond Park Primary School, Zenica
Richmond Park International School, Sarajevo


The historic city of Tuzla is host to three of our Richmond Park International Schools, educating pupils from the age of 3 to 19.

Richmond Park Preschool, Tuzla
Richmond Park Primary School, Tuzla
Richmond Park International School, Tuzla


A charming city centred on the banks of the River Una. Our schools in Bihać cater for students from 3-19.

Richmond Park Preschool, Bihać
Richmond Park Primary School, Bihać
Richmond Park College, Bihać